Saturday, 2 April 2011


'Statistically the happiest person in Britain'. Apparently the government wants us all to be happier. As a stand alone aim its fine, just ducky. In fact on the face of it it's an endearingly quirky and quaint ambition (though I fear this is exactly the spin doctors' goal).

Maybe I'm just being cynical, but surely the statement 'statistically the happiest person' runs contrary to the notion of happiness. I'd be very surprised if I am the only person who thinks that a government who regulates and evaluates societies happiness has an Orwellian ring to it, 1984 anyone...

Politics aside here a few things that make me happy:

1. My Owl Barn is this fab little Blog I found the other night. It applauds all things Owl, and is stuffed to bursting with fun creative things to do. As Owls are something of a trend at Grimmauld Place, I made Phee and I an Owl calendar (you can make your own here). There are heaps of other things to make and do, including some Easter projects.

2. Coffee. Love it.

3. A good book. Regular followers of my blog will know that I'm currently reading Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex. It's brilliant but it is quite wordy. Other books that I love are: Toni Morrison's Jazz, and pretty much anything by Haruki Murakami but my favourite has to be Kafka on the Shore. 

4. Spring flowers. I loved seeing the new flowers emerging after such a cold and snowy winter. The snowdrops have mostly gone now but there are heaps and heaps of lovely daffodils about, and soon it will be Bluebell season. Phee and I are planning a trip to the Bluebell woods to take a look. I haven't been for years but I remember them looking beautiful, like a blue carpet of flowers :)

Suffolk daffodils- The boy is from Suffolk, he'd be pleased to
 know  his native flowers  are some of the best examples of the type.

5. Post-it Love- I love finding, and leaving, little messages for the people I love about the place. Phee and I regularly leave post-its stuck up around Grimmauld Place. It really brightens your day to find a friendly note.

Home grown example of post-it love.
Taken from Grimmauld Place's kitchen cupboard.

6. Playing with make-up and clothes, especially when I have something new to mix in with my current wardrobe.

7. Doodling. I'll doodle on pretty much anything left in front of me for too long. My favourite to stumble upon are little doodles in unexpected places, like the back of envelopes, or the side of lecture notes. Whilst I was studying, I'd make doodle headed paper to spice up lectures- never failed to put a smile on my face.

This is a doodle, of stuff in my bag that I did
on a train journey back from work one day.

8. Spending time with friends and family. I wasn't going to put this in, because it's sort of a given, but then I thought: what the heck?! There is nothing better than a natter with a really good chum, and the feeling of being at home with family around you is pure bliss, and is a pleasure that is easily forgotten and overlooked.

9. Beautiful days: Sunny, Crisp, and Fresh. The best days are long sunny ones, preferably in the snow, and spent in good company.

This is quite an old photo of me and a bunch of friends at Les Sybelles.
(I'm the one in red squashing my poor friend, Sam).

10. Good music. I am always amazed by the power of music to affect my mood. Happy songs are my favourite, and I'm rather partial to a bit of old school cheese. Currently loving the School of Rock soundtrack (mostly due to my crush on Jack Black...)

Wishing you all a cheery goodbye xxx

P.S. just got in from work to find a parcel all the way from the US. It was a book I won in a giveaway from Good Reads. Blood of the Rose by Kate Pearce. If you like reading as much as me check it out. I'll let you know how the book goes.

tata for now x


  1. This is such an adorable post! I love that Owl blog- great find. Do you have a good reads account? I like that site. ^_^

  2. Isn't it just?! Phee and I have become a tad owl obsessed of late....

    Yes I do, do you? x

  3. Yes! It's under my email addy ( Add me if you wish. ^_^

  4. fab! always love discussing books, I'll add you now X


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