Monday, 11 April 2011

Shorts and Shirts

Hello All! 

I had quite a lot of fun putting this look together. It sort of happened in stages, as you can see. The suit jacket isn't something I would usually wear. but its hot in Brighton at the mo, and I have no spring jacket! I think it looks a bit masculine... what I really want is a cropped camel trench, has anyone seen one? 

This is how I originally intended to wear this shirt
I love the collar on this shirt, so I had a play with wearing it done up.
Add a jacket

On the move

Jacket, Zara
Shirt, Gap, £4.99
Shorts, Top Shop
Belt, H&M, £7.99
Bag & Shoes, Primark

Sadly most of this outfit is old stuff and I haven't a clue how much stuff was when I bought it. Apologies.

Action Shot.

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