Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tuesday, Mardi, Dienstag, Вторник, Tisdag, मंगलवार,

Hey hey!

Today Phee and I spent a happy Tuesday together, wandering about the place, and sipping on coffee. The weather was total pants, which was a shame as it meant I opted for practicality over fashion and ended up wearing a pretty bog standard outfit (though note the lack of breton!)

Having said in a previous post that: 'no one wants to see a photo of Grimmauld Place', I am sorry to say that we were left with little choice- isn't it beautiful?! The cold weather made for some pretty hasty photo taking. That, and the fact that our neighbours were watching (hence the laughing).

Sparkly Shirt, TopShop, £5 (sale)
Jumper, Marks and Spencer, £8
Jeans, H&M, £15
Ballet Pumps, Newlook, £7.99

Necklace, Snooper's Paradise, £ 7
I (finally) found a high waisted skirt! I have been looking for one to wear with some shirts I bought a while back, for yonks. This one is from H&M. Its a bit big, but nothing a handy belt can't fix.

Skirt, H&M, £14.99
(it will no doubt be in the sale soon, but I was desperate for a high waisted skirt)
Belt, H&M, £7.99
Shirt, Gap, £4.99 (Sale)
Ribbon, Black, 1.5 metres, cheap as chips

Alternative Bow.

I need to have a bit of a play and figure out what works, I think the shirt is a bit too baggy for this outfit. I bought it with denim shorts in mind. I have a smaller one but we are currently sans iron.

Hope everyones week has started with a bang! 



  1. Love the sparkly top! and i really need to get myself a good pair of black jeans. Love love love the shirt too! i think it looks great a bit baggy tucked in to the high waisted skirt xo

  2. Aw thank you Lovely. the top is really really old its one of those things that goes in the back of the wardrobe and periodically reappears. X

  3. I love your necklace, bit of french Oui Oui and swallows I love it.. where is snoopers paradise? is it online? A x

  4. Ooo that sparkly top is precious! I want one! Also your little "oui" necklace is the cutest thing- I love the little birdie. Aaand the high-waisted skirt was a wonderful purchase and I think that top looks really cute tucked in. I bought a skirt similar to that at Urban Outfitters, and it was much more expensive and then it shrunk after I dried it! Needless to say, I was pissed. haha

  5. Thank you. Always time for a bit of french lovin'...

    Snoopers Parardise is a brilliant flea market in Brighton's North laines. Imagine an eclectic Ikea, (lots of little room/booths) crammed full of pretty much anything and everything you could ever want... I checked, and they don't have a website sorry lovely.

    Oh no! what a nause, and UO is so expensive- you'd expect them to make stuff that doesn't shrink!


  6. you are so adorable and i love the collar on your shirt!

    <3 steffy
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