Monday, 18 April 2011

The Wedding: Ring them bells and don't get the ring wrong.

The big day arrived- and my mother is now Mrs Madre, an honest woman, and all that jazz! I still can't quite believe it. 

The service was held in Anne of Cleeves' House, in Lewes. It was a gorgeous ceremony, the house was all decked out in fairy lights and sprigs of leaves and flowers. Many tears were shed (good tears of course).

Madre in her bridal best.

The moment Madre realised she was actually getting married!
(not sure what part the banana played in this revelation?)
Testing the shoes.

Phee working her magic

Ma's vintage ladies picking up make-up tips from the master.
Ma practicing her Royal Wave.

Donning the wedding tights.

Finally some bubbly!

Three Little Maids from school are we... (sort of ish)

Ma and I

My beautiful parents looking all in love with each other, bless 'em.

I love that last one- mum totally looks like the cat that got the cream :)

Collette and I dancing like little mentalists. If you hadn't already guessed, it was to Beyonce's SIngle Ladies (should've put a ring on it). 

There are heaps more photos that other people took. Sadly I got rather carried away with the free booze and forgot about my camera. Ill pop a few more varied ones up when I get hold of other peoples photogs!

oh nearly forgot, outfit:

Dress, Asos, £40
Tights, Primark, £1.50
Shoes, Primark, £14

regardez vous Phee's handy work, with these cute paper flowers. they are from this little fabric shop in the Laines, in Brighton. £1.50 a bunch, and you get about 12 in a bunch. 

Let me leave you with this rather manic looking one of me, Im guessing this was a few glasses of the fizzy stuff down the line?!...


  1. These are great pics your dress is beautiful looks like you had a lovely day.. congrats :)

  2. Thank you. it was a beautiful day full of happy tipsy family and friends :)

  3. Great pictures! I know this is weird but i think i recognise the women in the photos the one with blonde curly hair! I think her daughter went to my primary school ;) small world! Lewes is lovely it looks like such a great day x

  4. haha no way- Queens Park School? Brighton is so dinky, i think theres something like 3 degrees of separation madness! Lovely day, everyone was so full of love (and champers) x

  5. yes! Queens park. Her surnames Jack? god it IS a small world hahah :)

  6. yeah, Sarah and Ellie. you have to love it x

  7. Wow all of you ladies look so lovely!! It looks like a precious day. ^_^ I love that last photo of you. It's almost Zoolander quality. hehehe

  8. haha it totally does! I love Zoolander, maybe i've missed my calling? I joke, of course. xxxx

  9. It looks like a lovely day... and everyone looks genuinely happy and affectionate. Great dress too! And I agree with the Zoolander comment. ; )


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