Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Coffee Morning

Hello Tuesday!

Lovely day today, as per usual on Tuesdays. My parents have gone to France for their honeymoon so their house (avec garden!) is free for the week. In light of this Phee and I got up early, packed up garden going essentials, and set off for a glorious morning spent sunning ourselves in the, relative, privacy afforded by a garden.

These cups and saucers belonged to my great grandmother's mother
in-law (can't figure out what the relation is there, all I know is that they are very very old). 

Ah good old Tripe, can't fail to indulge the narcissist within...
Enjoying the beautiful day.

This was a bride's maid gift from Madre

Soaking up the lovely summer sun.
Sunning, and reading.
Phee reading classic horror- standard.
wending our way homewards.


  1. Gosh. Everything about England is so freaking charming. I love that garden & you two look lovely.

  2. Oh wow your parents garden is lovely, great for some sunbathing! tea and sunbathing is the PERFECT day x

  3. It was such a beautiful day, proper relaxing. ahahaha cheers Michal, we do try, and phee is such a typical little brit it comes naturally to her x


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