Thursday, 14 April 2011

Yanks and Land Girls

Brighton is fab for mini adventures, day out excursions, and forays into the 'wild'. Ideally located with the Sea (literally a stones throw away), beautiful rolling countryside, and a bevy of idillic villages, there is plenty to explore and discover. (OK Brighton PR bit done). here are a couple of shots of Phee and I enjoying our natural habitat.

 The Outfit was more to do with practicality than style. It's sort of 1950s America, if I were to do it again I think I would add a cloth hair band, and maybe ditch the jumper in favour of a jacket?

I think Phee looks like a land girl in this shot.

Phee looking beauts, reposing on a grassy bank.
Things started well...
...went a tad awry...
...and failed completely- hello ground!

Have a lovely week all X


  1. hahaha your hand stand shots cracked me up. ^_^ These photos are gorgeous. I want to go back to England so bad!

  2. two words: village affair xxxxx


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