Thursday, 21 April 2011

Glorious Garden.

As per usual spent last Tuesday with Phee. We had a lovely mini break in Lewes, enjoying the sunshine. In fact it got so hot, I had to ditch my jeans in favour of an improvised outfit made from stuff I found in my parents house.

I found the cardigan in Mums 'to give to charity' box. Belted it up, and safety pinned the top, as I don't seem to have inherited Madre's 'assets'. The 'skirt' is actually a tea towel.

The garden looked beautiful, all fresh, and green, and lovely. It properly felt like Summer- Yipee!!! 
The veg patch is coming along nicely too...


Blette. AKA Swiss Chard, a thoroughly under appreciated vegetable, and a family favourite. Theres a bit of Parsley in the corner, and some Rosemary too.

Delicious wedding cake!

The cake was super tasty, but also rather boozy and very, very rich! This combined with prolonged sun exposer made for some tricky feasting.

Even the creepy crawlies were out for some sunshine time.

Obviously as we were at the rents abode we raided the fridge and cupboards (has to be done) and found some Elderflower cordial, AND sparkly water- get in!

You are my Everest!
Phee reading studiously.

All together an absolute corker of a day, hope everyone is having a a good week!


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  1. that is one damn good improvised outfit. you look great! is there any cake left?! send me some!! ;)


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