Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Having bought one skirt thats too big, obviously I had to get one that was too small- voila! Equilibrium restored.

The shirt is a smaller one too. Still no iron, but I'm hoping the crinkly look appears intentional??? It doesn't but I'm impatient. Differed gratification is for fools.

Shirt, Zara, £22.
Skirt, H&M, £7 (sale)
Same belt as last post H&M, £7.99

I think this shirt works better with a high waister

Locket Necklace, Accessorize, 312

Grey nails?
27 Wham, Collection 2000, £1.97

Canvas Leather brogues, Primark, £8
The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! I worked a morning shift, leaving the afternoon free for beer on the beach. Spent the whole day discussing Eurovision with my lovely chum Chris (Eurovision guru extraordinaire).
Gorgeous lovely Chris
A few later

Obligatory doghnut stop.

We came over all chav- quick trip to Morrisons for beach boozing supplies.
brighton Pier
handy wine 'goblets' (Morrison's words, not mine)

Backstreets of Brighton.

Enjoy the lovely sun!



  1. These pics are beautiful, I love that floral skirt and Brighton looks uber-pretty, a definite place I must visit xx :)

  2. Oh that all looks so amazing! I'd love to visit Brighton and drink wine out of plastic goblets on the water. I love it.

  3. I want to go to Brighton! My best friend was actually just there so it's funny seeing photos of the pier on her facebook yesterday & now on your blog. ^_^ I'm with Meg- wine out of plastic goblets on the water sounds fantastic. you look super adorable too! i love your skirt.

  4. hahaha yeah Brightons great! and nothing beats a plastic goblet x

  5. Ah, what a lovely day! And the photographs make me want to go to Brighton so badly! It is just gorgeous! Also, had to let you know how much I adore your shirt! The collar is adorable!


  6. Thank you. Oh you should, its especially lovely in the sun :)

  7. you seem so sweet! i love your skirt & shoes in this post! <3


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