Sunday, 10 April 2011

Daisy Chains & Sunny Days

The weather in Brighton is glorious, the sun is shining. Hello Beach, Summer Beer, and Good times!

Phee and I wandered down to the beach on Friday night, for some post work relaxation in the form of toffee apple cider. On Saturday The Boy picked me up from work with a bag of cold beer, and a tasty picnic. He even made quiche! NB. despite previous remonstrations, re blogger fame, The Boy has taken offence to the name so shall hence forth be referred to as Andy. 

Here are a couple of snaps from a wonderful weekend...

Brighton Pier


The old pier. 
Having spent Friday and Saturday evening on the beach, Andy and I headed for the hills and some good old country air.

Kick off your shoes, its Sunday!
Making Kir Royales- Tasty Times.
jambes pâles! 
Collecting Daisies
The finished product
No Shoes!

A friendly Moo

first ice cream of summer-yum!

The Lovely View. 


  1. Love these pics of Brighton beach (thinking of a visit in summer and cornwall.. and bristol ah excitement:) You and the bf is so cute love the pic of you guys with the pebbles in the forefront. very arty :)

  2. Lovely- Phee and I are hoping to pack up the car and take a trip to Cornwall later this year. Bristol is beautiful, have you been before?

    haha cheers, we tried to fashion a tripod out of pebbles


  3. hehe you two are so cute! your weather seems absolutely divine. i love picnics more than anything! and daisies!! they are one of my favorite flowers. ^_^


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